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As a local For McMurray distribution warehouse of premium vinyl plank, carpet, and tile, we want the local community to have access to a great selection of high-quality flooring options. Whether for DIY projects, large construction jobs, or supplier needs, at Pacific Interiors, we provide the absolute best in market product with our brand of luxury vinyl flooring made of 100% Virgin Material.
We have not only an incredible selection of flooring, but also industry experts and professionals to meet all of your flooring needs. From a single box to entire containers, Pacific Interiors will help you to conquer any flooring project and enhance your supplier options.


Large volume discount pricing available.
At Pacific Interiors, we offer the best Luxury Vinyl Planks, Carpet, Tile and more. Think. Choose. Floor It.


Calling on all retailers in Alberta. Partner with Pacific Interiors, and we will supply you with the best vinyl floor planks available –100% Premium Virgin Material.


When choosing new flooring for your home, office, commercial project, or business, you’re making an important investment in the quality, beauty, and value of your space. You deserve more than the bare minimum shopping experience provided by other flooring companies.You deserve Pacific Interiors – Fort McMurray’s one-stop and best source flooring company for premium vinyl plank flooring, carpet, and tile solutions. We combine personalized customer service with an extensive catalog of products and top brands. With Pacific Interior, you can browse and compare quality luxury vinyl, carpets, and tiles and speak with our team of experts to help you with your unique flooring project.

Sharing a lifetime of experience as a flooring company

The incredible and knowledgeable team at Pacific Interiors has more industry experience than most. Our reputation comes from our passion for educating customers. We strive to share our knowledge to help our suppliers and clients discover the perfect flooring to fit their unique needs, lifestyles, and visions. Pacific Interiors was created as a flooring company to provide a personalized shopping experience, giving you the ability to find the products you need no matter the size or design of the project.



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We understand the needs of our customers because we are from here. Proudly Albertan and proudly located in Fort McMurray – Come visit us our at Pacific Interiors location and find out why we are setting the standard in Premium Vinyl Floor options in the industry. We are locally owned and operated, strong supporters of the community, and are passionate about quality flooring and distribution.


It’s simple: Our high-quality, premium, flooring products are the best in class for luxury flooring. We are confident that suppliers, contractors,and homeowners will agree that our customer service and variety of product is second to none. From authentic wood textures, sound absorption, and 100% waterproof guaranteed, our vinyl plank flooring options are sure to amaze.

Our team of experts will provide you with the right product, right information, unrivaled service, and deliver you the best possible value and quality in the industry.We know that offering the best in premium flooring is important to suppliers and is a big investment for their commercial andresidential clients, which is why making important choices for distributors is so critical as a retailer.

From our showroom customer experience, to delivery, installation, maintenance, and care tips, you can rely on the team at Pacific Interiors to provide you with best in-class flooring experience in luxury vinyl plank and quality flooring.